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What is a Comparative Market Analysis?
A CMA is a report which compares your home to similar homes in your area to determine an approximate current market value. It is not an appraisal, but should give you a realistic estimate of what your home is worth, and how long it will take to sell. Often, a market analysis will include a list of homes that have recently sold or are currently under contract. By studying the various types of properties and their respective prices, a real estate professional familiar with your area can determine an approximate market value for your home.

What is the time frame?
Your information is transferred immediately to your local real estate professional. Upon receiving the information, the agent will begin to put together information about your home and comparable properties. Once that is complete, you will be contacted with the approximate value of your home. Or you may contact your local professional directly once you enter your information.

Why can't I get an instant Home Evaluation?
Instant online requests are known primarily for their high degree of inaccuracy. Instant CMAs usually use county tax information and homes within a certain radius of you. However, a large percentage of county tax information is inaccurate, and those programs typically don't distinguish between townhouses or single family houses, don't take into account your finished basement versus a home without a basement, etc. Our real estate professionals are far and away the best source of determining current market value.

Why is this service free?
The Market Analysis is free to the homeowner... We are asking for the opportunity to give you the best service you have ever received in any business relationship. No other agent will be more eager to impress you with their work ethic, their knowledge and their skill.

We are confident you cannot find a Realtor who will do a better job for you than we will. We service your real estate needs with the most powerful technology in the real estate industry!

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